After your App has gone live on the AppStore, Google Play and other App marketplaces, the work isn’t finished yet. It has rather just started…

To keep your users hooked to your App and to avoid the fate of having your App abandoned after only one use, the importance of continuous engagement with the users cannot be overstated. Fortunately, Mobile Apps come with a unique tool just to do that: Push Notifications

Push Notifications are an efficient and easy way to communicate with the App Users, but it’s important to understand how to create winning messages and what works and what doesn’t!

To ensure that your Push Notification strategy will be effective and a successful one, there are many steps and precautions one must take, however, for someone who is looking for a summary, we have highlighted the three most important steps as follows:

1. Keep Your Messages Short

Shorter notifications have a higher click rate and are generally more effective as the entire message can be seen on the screen. Remember, smartphone sizes vary and so do the number of words that appear on each screen.

Quickly get across the message by identifying the value it brings, whether there is a goal or reward behind it, so people don’t just ignore it. The message needs to be clear, to the point and compact. If you can tick all those boxes, your Push Notifications should go down a treat.

Just tell them!

Avoid asking questions as most users will ignore it as it requires effort, instead deliver a statement to them – it will perform twice as well. Tell them to do something and the chances are, they will do it if there’s something in it for them.

Push Messaging Click Rate

2. Timing Your Push Notifications

Send your Push Notifications during weekday afternoons (and avoid weekends)

Timing your Push Notifications right can be crucial for their success and conversions. It’s important to know when the ideal time of day or what days in the week your App users are likely to interact with your App.

Research by Localytics has found that the best days for click throughs are Tuesdays and Fridays, where the average click rate is 5.8% compared to 3.5% at the weekend. Afternoons in particular seem to get more engagement compared to mornings and late nights. This is likely to be because people enjoy having 5 minutes to themselves at work to check their phones.

3- Using the right language

Use promotional words like “offer,” “super,” “ends” and “deal” – surprisingly they have a higher click rate than sales-specific language.

Use language that indicates a special offer personal to the customer. Paint a picture using persuasive words or phrases that are likely to convince them to click through.

What your message could look like: “Offer ends soon: swipe to view your unique deal.”

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