It is widely known to the entire world that in order to make a product sell and be successful, it is important to advertise it and get it in front of the market. Without advertising the product, people would not know about it and therefore the manufacturer will not be able to sell it on a large scale. The manufacturers always try their best to advertise and attract viewers and potential buyers towards the product, but the one that wins is the one that works.
In this age of technology and data shrinking, the best way to advertise a product is to make use of the technology. Imagine yourself walking to a destination with your smartphone or tablet in hand and everywhere you look, you will find the electronic LCDs displaying some advertisement or the other. You try to browse on your phone, tablet or laptop and you find the same advertisements trying to sell the product in question. You walk past all these and reach a cinema hall only to find another advertisement promoting the same product yet again.

All of this is an effort toward digital marketing since it is widely known that nobody today likes to walk around empty handed without their piece of technology. Digital marketing trends have always perturbed the viewers and the predictors alike as they take a turn for the good but in a surprising manner. The trends of digital marketing in 2015 are predicted in the same manner as before; that is, by observing the flow of ideas and money toward it in the beginning of the year itself.
These are the trends that are expected tooccur in this year:

1. App development
Every website is made to be attractive to the viewer and the surfers to make them stop and have a good look, but it comes at a price of being heavy in terms of data. To solve this, android, windows, mac and blackberry uses platforms like applications to reduce the data a website requires and loads faster on the devices providing all the necessary details as the website itself. This is the mobile age and people want a friendly approach to it.

2. Truth searching
The customers are smart and can no longer be fooled by the smooth talkers and the rubbish writing about the products. They want to know exactly how it works and what it does in a truthful manner rather than a glittery one. They have made the market move from lengthy descriptions to accurate ones and this trend is likely to follow.

3. Email attractions
Everyone loves receiving something even as small as an email and when a user reads it and finds out about a product I short, he is intrigued to look into the details of it by visiting the web on his own. This is the attractive part about emails that they attract people in no time toward a particular product. These emails are better if they look beautiful and provide the information in a crisp manner to the viewer at the same time and companies have already begun developing such user friendly emails.

4. Social media advancement
Almost everyone who is accrued with technology is also on the social media pages and loves to check them out once or twice daily and even more. Some choose to check it in their leisure time while others are addicted to it. The companies make use of this affinity of users to the social media webpages by placing advertisements on them and allowing the users to have a decent in-depth look into the product. The rest of the follow up is done by the user himself. This is a trend that is catching up among the general public as they get in touch with this technology and fall in love with it.

5. Smart writing
Many of the marketers took pride in their products not due to its quality and performance but by the lengthy details written by the writers who painted the picture florally to attract the users. The buyers are smarter than that and know when they are being pulled toward such writing and it actually hurts the reputation and the sell value of the product in the long term.

6. Video embedding
People are lazy and the companies love it. They enjoy making videos about the products that the users can download and watch whenever they please. The video explains the product and its performance and specifications to the viewer making it an easy task for them to understand. The viewers are attracted by the picturesque description of the parts of a product along with the deep voice of the narrator. This is a trend that is picking up very fast and is likely to progress.

These digital marketing trends in 2018 have already seen the light of the day and are only progressing forward. They do not seem to be backing down as the users love what they want and are not afraid of anything anymore.