We have all downloaded and used general purpose smartphone business apps to get more productive and facilitate our day to day activities e.g. Calendar, Word Processer or a ToDo list. Most of us have also used business eCommerce apps such as Amazon, Tesco to do our shopping on the go. However, what is shaping the mobile apps world now is the kind of apps that helps transform your business into a digital business or organisation by its processes improvement. We will elaborate with an example from Healthcare.

About 2 years ago, in partnership with some doctors we developed an app by the name of OMFS Handbook. You can download it for free from both App Store and Google Play. The challenge was to create a smartphone app both for iOS and Android platforms, that breakdown the most common OMFS (Oral Maxillofacial Surgery) situations encountered by junior doctors to guide them on the next course of action to take, thus saving them time and reducing the risk of error in referral procedure. This was a fundamental improvement in their referral process and has been employed in John Radcliffe hospital, Oxford.

Since then we have worked with a clinical ophthalmologist director to develop an app that facilitate the induction, diagnosis and referrals in their wards. The app boasts different Ophthalmology Tests, Calculators, Protocols and Induction guides specific to their ward.

We are also working with Haematology, Heartlands hospital on a similar app with the purpose of reducing wrong referrals to their Ward from doctors of other disciplines, thus saving both valuable time and costs incurred by the Ward.

Our efforts have been recognized by Birmingham Chamber of Commerce in one of their newsletters as below:

Centric Director Showing Mobile Apps

We think that time is ripe for businesses from all disciplines to, what we call, “Appify” their businesses resulting in major business process efficiencies, improvements and cost savings.