Loyalty Apps for Small  Businesses

By offering your customers a Loyalty App branded to your business, you will boost your sales, gain trust, and hold your share in the market dominated by big players.

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Our Offering Highlights

Apple & Android Apps

Your business App on the two most popular platforms

Marketing Support

We’ll assist you in making your sure that your App is a hit with your customers

Brand Alignment

We take great care and pains to ensure your App matches your company brand.

Simple to Manage

Update and manage the content on your App with extraordinary ease.

App Overview

Mobile Apps that augment your business

No matter what business you are in, we will professionally design and develop a mobile app that will enable you to meet and exceed your business objectives. Give us a project and we promise to surprise you.

Features List

Engage with your customers with the most effective channel

Did you know that 80% of the UK population owns a smartphone? Hopefully, with this comes the realization that a Mobile App for your business is the most effective and innovative way to engage with your customers.

  • One Touch Calling

  • Social Sharing

  • Messaging Centre

  • Store Coupons

  • Enhance Brand Recognition

  • Mobile Stamp Card

  • Quizzes and surveys

  • Multimedia Galleries

  • Loyalty Program

  • Get Directions

  • Store Business Info

  • Food Ordering

  • Your Content Goes Here

  • Event and Appointment Booking

  • Customer centric forms

  • Geo Listings

Smart Messaging Your Customers

It is a crowded world. Getting heard and getting your message to customers is increasingly difficult. Leaflets, letters, emails, SMS, calls are all unintelligent messaging. Imagine being able to send great offers to your customers just at the right time! We can deliver you a mobile App for your business, which will empower you to do just that. To find out more, check out our video on left.

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Push Notifications

A simple and innovative way to connect with your customers

Your business App comes with its own CRM backend system which enables you to communicate and manage your App users

macbook push notifications crm
iphone showing push notification

Push Messages

Send Unlimited Messages

You will be to use your CRM App or portal to send unlimited push notifications to the users of your App. Salient features of this function are as below:

  • Send Unlimited Messages

  • Geo-Fencing

  • Schedule Messages

  • Audience Segmentation

  • Mobile Stamp Card

  • 95% Read Rate

  • Call for Actions

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