Our Process

We believe in an Agile, Iterative and Flexible process where you are part of a continuous feedback loop.

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1: Mobile Strategy

We help you devise a sound and viable mobile strategy that delivers tangible and measurable business benefits. During the Strategy phase, we help formulate the desired business transformation objectives and a complete roadmap to realizing them. The strategy then underpins and guides the requirements gathering process for your APP.

2: App Requirements

We work with you to define the functional and non-functional requirements and specifications in as much detail as possible to ensure solid foundations are laid out for the project. This phase requires joint meetings, workshops and other means of collaboration.

3: App Design

Using the requirements, we start creating wireframes and mockups to produce a visualisation of how the end product would like and what would be the user experience and journey through different screens. This phase is iterative and we send frequent updates to incorporate the feedback into our design process.

4: App Development

After design, we start with the development of the actual APP in an agile and iterative manner. Our work is divided into phases called Sprints and at the end of each sprint a releasable product is developed, tested, built and handed over to client for their critical review.

5: Deployment & Go Live

Client can ask to release and deploy the product after any Sprint as a beta, alpha or final release. When the final product is ready, we guide you through the process of submitting your APP to all the app stores as required by you. These app stores can be public e.g. Apple AppStore, Google Play, Amazon AppStore or they can be enterprise AppStores, only accessible to your business. We also guide you on how to setup Analytics to gauge the behaviour and interaction of users with your APP.

6: Support

All our products come with 90 days after Go Live warranty. We will fix any issues and bugs within that warm-up period for free. After that period we can provide a tailored support package according to your need. Our support packages can be roughly categorised into Break and Fix Support, Enhancement Support and Ad Hoc Support.

7: Product Promotion

With our experience, we can guide you on the best practices of marketing your APPs using Facebook, Twitter and Google Adwords.

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