It has come to light by data collected from Flurry Analytics  that the mobile app usage growth was a moderate 6% in 2017. However, the interesting bit is that Shopping Apps gained a huge traction with a whopping 54% growth in their usage in the last year. This represents a huge opportunity for businesses which are in the retail sector and don’t yet have a Mobile App (branded for their business) to sell their merchandise. Most of the top high street brands have already made their shopping apps and are available on iOS and Android stores. However, a lot of other businesses do need a long-awaited catch-up. We have shared a presentation here that shows why your retail store needs a Mobile App. A mobile app for your store is a powerful tool that can help grow your business (yes, you heard it right, the much-needed and long-awaited growth you were waiting for eons) and provide a simple way to reach new and existing customers. It also empowers your business to promote its services, provide discounts and offer brand loyalty.

We offer an accelerated track for a very affordable eCommerce shopping app for your business. You can see the detailed features of these Apps in our presentation. If you are interested in your retail business growth, then don’t delay, Contact us today. We will provide a high-quality tailored service which will be very affordable at the same time.