The mobile app market is on a roll. It has been growing spectacularly for the last couple of years and does not seem to be slowing down in the future. The current size of the mobile app market is double the size of the global box office market and bigger than the recorded and live music industry, according to App Annie.

If you haven’t considered a mobile app for your business, what is holding you back?  There is no doubt that having a mobile app done for your business is not an easy undertaking. It requires many phases like concept development, requirements gathering, UI/UX design, development, content creation, QA, deployment into App stores and post Go-Live support etc. If you do not have a budget that runs into tens of thousands to carry out the phases of this process, you may feel as if this route is not for you. But you cannot be any more wrong!

You would be pleasantly surprised that you can still go for an App if your budget runs into a couple of thousands. You can do that by employing a strategy that uses White Label Apps. These Apps are to the App world like WordPress is to Website design market. They are also called by other names like Loyalty Apps or Accelerated platform Apps


What is a White Label App?

A white label app platform is developed by a company or vendor which is then used by service providers, developers and system integrators to develop apps for their clients in record time and low budgets. These platforms provide out of the box components that require little or no programming effort to be plugged into an App. There are well known design patterns for different verticals for which components are usually made available by the vendor, which can be plugged into an App with a small amount of configuration effort e.g. for eCommerce businesses components like configurable eCommerce carts, for appointment-based service businesses, booking components etc. This process can take as little as one or two days to a few weeks and can provide you a quick presence in the mobile app marketplace.

5 Reasons Why You should go for a White Label App?

If your budget is low or your need to get into market is urgent, getting a bespoke mobile app developed from scratch is not recommended. In such a scenario, a white label app provides you with the cushion you need. Here are some of the noteworthy reasons why you should go for a white label app:

Small Investment

Compared to bespoke mobile app route, white label apps incur a fraction of the cost. Instead of hiring a team of developers, designers, content writers and QA engineers or outsourcing the app development to a dev house, you can get a white label app done either by yourself or done for you using a much smaller team or investment.

Little technical skills required

White label apps generally do not require any technical skills. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or learn the intricacies of App Programming to have your own business mobile app. The user interface is super easy to understand and modify. You can drag and drop components into place and then use their dialog boxes to configure their looks and behavior.

Easy to rebrand

A white label app is easy and quick to rebrand according to your theme and logo. The backend platform facilitates different types of color palettes and themes for your App. You can also select different types of fonts to be used throughout your App. App Icons, Splash screen and header logos can be easily selected or configured.

Easy to Update

These types of Apps come with a backend management system through which content on the App can be managed on the fly throughout its lifecycle. You can update multimedia content of your App anytime and the changes will be reflected on the go without the need for the Apps to be published again to the AppStores. You can also add/remove and reconfigure components of the App using the backend app management system.

Analytics and Insights

The purpose of creating a mobile app for a business is usually to grow it by adding more channels for sales and marketing. Knowing what your consumers like/dislike is vital to create a user experience for them that encourages them to convert. White label apps come with professional and sophisticated reporting tools to provide you with insights about your consumers’ behavior as well. These insights can help you optimize the conversion strategies of your App.

While a custom-built mobile app can make a big dent in your budget, a white label app will come in handy for your business.